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FML London, story-telling of the habits, traditions, and beliefs of Ilford, East London society

Why there is more to Ilford than meets the eye - FML Estates

Why there is more to Ilford than meets the eye

There are some locations that exude culture and history. Would it surprise you to learn that Ilford is one of them? This once small rural town situated in East London has grown to be a major centre for the arts and multiple retail industries.

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Why buy in Ilford

The large town of Ilford comes with two enticing credentials: potential and expansion. Situated in the historical county of Essex, it is considered to be a significant metropolitan centre for commercial and residential property.

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Celebrating Eid in Ilford - FML Estates

Celebrating Eid in Ilford

Being right at the heart of immense culture, FML estates greatly values the vibrance of festivities symbolic to the community here in Ilford. We believe the character of a property embodies the culture of its surroundings.

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The delights of Cranbrook road, Ilford

The delights of Cranbrook Road, Ilford

Immersed with culture and community, Cranbrook Road is a versatile mix of residential, retail and commercial properties. Its distinct character carries through its connected streets which are named with an essence of grandeur such as Kensington Gardens and The Drive. Situated in South Ilford

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