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Ilford’s Town Centre


Ilford’s Town Centre

Ilford citizens know that the town centre is the go-to place for running errands, shopping or just promenading along the streets. It is alive, “bubbly” and bursting with different retail stores, supermarkets, banks, cafes and restaurants, which makes it pretty much possible to find anything you need.


The town centre is easily accessible by public transportation. Many buses go through Ilford. You can take the underground at Gants Hill Station or the train at Ilford Station, right next to the Exchange Shopping Center.


                The importance of having these amenities available close to your home, while still enjoying the quality of life a smaller town can offer is absolutely priceless! This makes Ilford a great place to live and is the reason why so many people decide on commuting to the greater London. Ask FML Estate agents to help you on your house quest and find out more about the benefits of living in Ilford.

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