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The backbone of the company and boasting over 50 Years of experience in all fields of Property from Development to Maintenance, Alex's standards of Customer Service and attention to detail reverberate through every facet of FML.

Starting out as a fresh faced apprentice at a prestigious Civil Engineering firm in Victoria it was here that he caught the bug for the Property field that would follow him throughout his professional and personal life.

Through sound research and an insistence for leaving nothing to chance Alex has managed to build a successful personal portfolio that the family has always been involved in. They continue to add to it using the same tenets that got Alex on the ladder but Alex's passion shifted post - 2008 when he saw that Landlords he knew were crying out for guidance and honest advice in a tumultuous financial landscape.

All these years later, with the support of the family, Alex personally oversees the management of over 500 properties as a direct point of contact for Landlords. He is known for his integrity and honesty and thrives on delivering bespoke solutions to Landlords in need of guidance in a constantly shifting market place.



Managing Director

James established himself propertywise in the pre-Olympic boom, cutting his teeth in the dog eat dog world of lettings that emerged in East London. Some agents fell by the wayside but his dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit pushed him on.

But the story doesn’t start there, property is all this guy has ever known and that carries through in his dealings on a day to day basis.

He has an unrivalled passion for innovation and is constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience at FML, searching out the latest technological and logistical developments to ensure they are always one step ahead of the pack.

James is never “off the clock” and it is not unknown for him to spend traditionally off peak times on conference calls to overseas landlords. He prides himself on ensuring they are up to speed with developments in UK legislation as well as more personal reassurances on their investments.

The hub of the company, all our Landlords sleep easier knowing James has it covered.

Alexander | FML Estates



Sumbal is from Lahore Pakistan but has already established herself in the London property market and has now become an integral part of the team. Don’t let her size fall you, she is always bossing people around, even the Branch Manager. Reliable and family oriented, Simba provides our clients with a personal service time after time.

Alexander | FML Estates


Property Manager

Born and raised in Hydrabad India Salma brings here friendly and caring personality to the job. She is multilingual and can speak English, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu and Kaneda. Has worked at FML for nearly 4 years has a fantastic relationship with both landlord and tenants which helps resolves many issues our client may come across.

Alexander | FML Estates


Lettings Negotiator

Sohail is FMLS first Junior letting negotiator and we have big plans for this young man. He has a passion for property with a ‘Can do’ attitude. Sohail’s family are well known within the community and is constantly connecting the right people to the right property.

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