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Housing during a crisis


Housing during a crisis

Property acquisition in times of crisis can be daunting. A thousand things can cross your mind, such as, “Will I be able to face the rising prices of utilities?”, or “Since borrowing money is more expensive should I wait?”. It really depends on multiple factors, and how well off you are, is the most important.

An estate agent will be able to guide you and advise. If you are looking to sell property, they will help you set a price on your house, so it’s not overpriced or underpriced. They will know how safe a neighborhood is and help you choose a home that accommodates your needs.

Since Covid hit, the tendency was for people to get away from big urban centers and install themselves in smaller towns. Remote working made this possible, and also the fact that life stopped. Non-essential businesses closed down and smaller cities are much cheaper to live in.

We are in recovery of the pandemic; markets have picked up and life is back to normal. We’ll have to wait and see if this a trend that will stay, and if people really prefer smaller towns.  Ilford will be a good match if you fall in this category. It has everything you need to make life comfortable and it’s very close to London’s downtown. Who knows? Maybe your next forever home is in Ilford. It’s worth checking out.

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